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Roof Cleaning Birmingham

Our Sky Team Provides Moss Removal Remediation and Gutter Cleaning in The City of Birmingham, as well as the West Midlands area.

At Sky, we didn’t choose the roof cleaning industry…. people in need chose us.


How Well Does Moss Grow In Birmingham?

Unfortunately, climate in United Kingdom is perfect for moss to grow and thrive. Moss can appear on almost any surface, so it’s beneficial to think ahead of time  and get rid of moss before it will damage your roof for good.

Below is a list of some leaving organisms that can grow on your roof right now

  • Blue Green Algae
  • Lichen
  • Moss


Moss on the roof

Moss green clumps or mats that very well adapt to urban environment. Can grow under the shingles of your roof and put pressure on it or even burst through it.


Gloeocapsa Magma

Gloeocapsa-Magma is the most common version of roof algae. It isn’t really bad for your roof but looks like your are not taking care of your house at all.



It’s a mint colored fungus that has corrosive properties because of it’s acidic nature.

Before we start any type of job with any client we will make sure that all of the potential question are unanswered by our team. Every work starts form the inspection of the property and evaluation of potential risks for both your roof side or peripheral garden landscape of your house. We will look for weak spots there that can be damaged during our roof cleaning process.

The most important in roof maintenance is prevention. Calling as sooner is always better then later. You don’t want to wait with removing moss from your roof. Moss collects water and put additional weight on your roof. In addition it can grow under the shingles of your roof and over time push towards inside of your roof making your roof more and more leaky. Furthermore fungus could spreads into deeper areas starting from attic. Most home owners do not check the state of their roofs and attics for years. It increases the possibility of full roof repair which will cost your anywhere form £7000+ of your hard earned money.