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Gutter Cleaning

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Why Do We Need Gutter Cleaning Services?

Roof Gutter Cleaning services are in simple terms one of our primary home roof needs in today’s urban architecture world. There are lots of things that can turn our hard earn money that we put in building or buying our dream house into waste. Like gutters that can damage the roof and walls if not properly maintained. Periodical home gutter cleaning service will save the day and keep you away from spending extra pounds for roof rapairs.

Let us first put our read upon why gutters are built and what is the purposes of it?

  • to guide rain away from the foundation of the structure
  • gives walls the time to dry and avoid on the wall and from the foundation condensation
  • protects the structure from erosion
  • avoiding damage to the ground around the house

So, now one can easily understand the further explained part regarding why gutter cleaning is a requirment for any proper infrastructure built.

Buttom line is to help house rooflines pass rainwater by and get into drainages. It is vital to have a waterproof roofline, through which water has a channel to pass smoothly. Here are some examples of what can happen when gutters are not properly maintained.

What could happen when gutters are blocked?

  • overtime water will collect in gutters and will put pressure on structures and all it takes is one strong storm to damage the gutters with all the cumulated weight
  • blocked water will find a way to get out and one way is through your fascia boards that hold the gutters in place and that will get into your house and damage the walls
  • traped water and condensation from a clogged gutter will create a perfect environment for fungus, mold, nasty bugs and the worst for me mosquitoes and all of them eventually will find a way into your roof and home
  • rainwater sitting in the trough will carry on into more colder months and when frozen water will expand it could stretch the gutter or even break it
  • when the biggest purpose of a gutter is to guide the water from your foundation that clogged gutters will spill all the water out will ruin your foundation and basement

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

It will depend on factors like how many trees there is in the surrounding area of your house. But generally speaking, you should check the state of your gutters twice a year and perform cleaning at least one a year.

How much for gutter cleaning services?

It depends on:

  • number of gutters (roof sides) and how long they are
  • roof accessibility
  • the current state of gutters
  • location

In short terms, the average price to clean gutters in UK will start from £90+.

We are suggesting our clients to do a bundle of roof cleaning and gutter cleaning at the same time because cleaning the roof with neglected gutters is not possible.