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Leicester is a bustling metropolis, lying on the River Soar. It’s the thirteenth most populous city in the United Kingdom and is home to football club Leicester City(no introduction needed), not to mention the iconic National Space Center, which makes its skyline one of a kind.

Leicester is also in close proximity to the National Forest. Being in the vicinity of a river and a forest, and being a metropolis with its fair share of environmental factors, such as rain, city pollution, and harsh weather situations can make the roofs in the city and suburbs prone to moss damage.

This is where we come in. We at Sky Roof Cleaning offer you the best solutions to all your roof related problems at an affordable cost. Here are some of the services that we provide.

Roof Moss Removal
Roof Moss Removal

Moss can most certainly damage the structural integrity of any type of roof. Learn more about moss removal service here.

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

In order to privide completed roof look maintenance service we provide in addition service of gutter cleaning. Highly recomended to do at least once a year.

Roof Jet Washing
Roof Jet Washing

We provide high quality preshure washing services that will make your roof look like new.


Roof Moss Removal Service

Think of moss as plaque that gets accumulated on the surface of your teeth and in between them. If left unchecked, it can grow and take hold of your entire tooth, thus decaying it. Similarly so, moss on your roof, or algae, mold, and lichen, can contribute to the decay of your roof, and subsequently, your entire house by compromising the structural integrity of the roof.

Our experts will take care of all forms of moss, mold, algae, and lichen, by utilizing our jet washing services, also known as pressure washing, and our soft wash roof cleaning technique.

Why Your Roof Needs Cleaning

Your roof, just like any other exposed part of the house, is prone to wear and tear and accumulation of materials that may end up contaminating the rest of the house. Take black mold, for example. If it starts from the roof, it makes its way down to the rest of the house, and pretty soon, you’ll notice it growing inside your walls, in the floorboards, and just about everywhere. However, not all growths are as serious. Moss and algae and lichen on your roof, while not as serious as mold, can cause structural damage to your roof if they are left unchecked.

By pressure washing the surface of your roof, we will not only remove the above-mentioned elements but also give your roof a fresh look. Its previous color will come out from under layers of accumulated dirt and filth. Its structural integrity will be restored.


Better Looking Roof = Higher Property Value

Pressure Wash vs. Soft Wash

Pressure washing your roof takes care of all the surface-related issues. Soft washing is for when you need to really get in there and clean the spaces between and under the shingles. Advanced soft washing techniques also ensure that the roof is protected from future growths by coating the roof in a chemical layer of protection.

Which option might be best for you? Call us and consult with us, and after assessing the situation of your roof, we’ll let you know which of the two options is better for you. It’s on a case-to-case basis.

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Cleaning Your Gutter, Driveway, and Much More

In the rainy season, gutters become an essential part of the house’s outward structure, second only to the roof. Gutter cleaning is extremely important for such weather, as when a gutter becomes clogged, the water starts pooling on and around the roof, weakening its structure. Unfortunately, most people notice their gutter blockage a little too late, and by then, the damage is already done. We recommend that you get your gutter checked and cleaned to ensure that it performs optimally in harsh weather situations.

Sky Roof Cleaning also offers driveway cleaning and the cleaning of very specific buildings as well. So if you have a conservatory in mind, or have to get the concrete roof tiles of an old building cleaned, we are your best bet. Our trained and experienced experts will take care of any and all styles of roofs and buildings for you.

Our Roof Cleaning Costs are Affordable

Our roof cleaning service prices are competitive and cater to each client on a specific basis. We will create a package for you based on how much work you need done, and provide you with all the costs up-front. We don’t include any hidden fees in our packages.


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