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    Roof Cleaning FAQ - Facts and Myths

    Cleaning roofs sounds like quite a daunting task and in reality; it might prove to be so if not taken a smart approach towards it. Roofs cleaning involve maintaining a vast open space that is often difficult to tackle single-handedly. The industry of roof cleaning services is a new introduction and is equally important to consider. It is important to ensure that the roof is free from any form of moss or algal growth to maintain it in its original form.

    Roofs undoubtedly serve a major purpose in every household, office, store, etc. Therefore, it must be given the requisite attention it deserves so that it can be saved from any extreme damage. Proper maintenance and organization of roofs are imperative to keeping the residents and belongings of the house safe and snug.

    A stained and unkempt roof brings down the overall appeal even when the rest of the house is well-maintained. Professional services ensure extensive cleaning that sustains for a longer period. Also figuring out the ideal cleaning technique for a specific roof is, in fact, a key decision that needs to be taken rationally.

    Several reasons that emphasize the benefits of roof cleaning and so are the misconceptions surrounding it.

    Moss and other vegetative growth in the roof are often observed as a cosmetic issue and that does not require a closer look. But in reality, these can prove to be detrimental to the roof. The debris left behind by any form of vegetative growth lead to water retention that exposes the roofs to threats of leaking and rotting. This might also result in weakening of the roof components and leading to their break down in no time. If completely ignored, severe moss growth can amount to irrevocable damage.

    Unregulated moss build-up might cause the edges of the shingles to curl and bend. As a result, the shingles are prone to be blown-off during storms or harsh weather conditions. Lateral water build-up due to vegetative growth has adverse effects that often lead to critical moisture damage if not dealt with immediately. Professional roof cleaning services suggest regular maintenance of the roof to keep up its long-term effectiveness and prevent hefty expenditure after having sustained extensive damage.

    This conception is thoroughly flawed. The black or yellow growth often observed on roofs that lack regular maintenance are a category of hardy algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma that grow in moist conditions. Rain and damp environment lead to their uncontrolled growth thus causing irreversible damage. These growths are often observed in the areas of the roof that does not receive enough sunlight which is another factor that allows them to thrive.

    Although they might appear to be harmless, letting these grow for an extended period will weaken the roofs and destroy its components.

    Any form of vegetative growth in the roof requires immediate attention. But algal growth does not necessarily call for a brand new roof. The settlement of moss and algae is only indicative of the need for immediate cleaning. It does not mean that the roof is completely unusable. If subjected to regular check and maintenance, replacing roofs is seldom required.

    With time fungus will try by its nature the way to your roof to get moisture and warmth. With that, it could create holes in your roof structures over time.

    Moreover, algae and lichens only grow on the exterior of the roof. Thorough professional restoration is all it takes to get rid of them and bring the rumpled roof back to its original shape. It must be noted that contractors often insist on replacing the roof at the first sight of any algal settlement just to secure a profit. In most cases, regular cleaning methods do the job perfectly. It also saves a lot of money which is otherwise spent on purchasing a new roof.

    It is frequently seen that even properties that are highly attractive from the outside do not receive any solid offers. This is mostly because the house owners often overlook the details which include the condition of the roofs that undoubtedly adds to the curb appeal of the property. Irrespective of how tempting the location, interiors, or the neighborhood is, a dishevelled roof brings down the value of a house in an instant.

    Realtors will always agree that these simple details bear a huge significance to potential buyers. Getting the roof fixed and cleaned should be a top priority to get substantial offers on houses that are for sale.

    You wouldn’t sell dirty car and expect more money? Am I right?

    People generally have the approach of putting only the affected areas in order when it comes to any form of cleaning. But this does not apply for roof cleaning. Underlying damages and developing vegetative growth must be considered before initiating a roof cleaning session. It is important to treat the entire area of the roof to eradicate the presence of algal growth that has not surfaced yet is highly recommended.

    There are numerous methods of roof cleaning that involves the use of chemical products and preshure washing. It cannot be established that chemical usage is always improper and improper compound could damage your roof.

    It all boils down to two factor which are quality of service and expericence. Based on the type of roof I have in front of me I will decide on the spot if it’s needed pressure washing or soft washing. 

    The use of eco-friendly chemicals and correct techniques are highly efficient ways of getting the best result cleaning results without stripping off the roofs of their natural lustre.

    A professional chemical cleaning solution is by far, the most effective procedure in my opinion. 

    A deep cleaning by the use of extensive pressure sounds like a less-laborious job but will prove to be damaging in the long-run. Although pressure cleaning is considered a suitable method for concrete cleaning and certain kinds of roofs, it is not suggested for flat or shingle roof cleaning.

    Since every roofing parts and material are specifically designed to withstand exposure to heat and moisture, they cannot survive the excessive force from the pressure washing systems. Repeated exposure to intense force will cause the tiles to wear off and also strip off the surface.

    Professional cleaning minus the pressure washer is a budget-friendly way of dealing with the stubborn growth and dirt on the roofs. These will reinstate the roofs in their original state without damaging its parts or affecting its service life.

    Yes you can.

    Here are some statistics of people falling every year. I feel like you can see a pattern.

    Additional the cost of cleaning roof on your own:

    • two days of work
    • borrowing a ladder; or buying used £150
    • preshure washer borrow £140/two days or new £250
    • hose £30
    • rope and harness for safty £80
    • chemicals £60+


    The roof cleaning industry is an unfamiliar concept amongst many and is observed as an unnecessary expense. That is a major reason why they are unaware of its effectiveness and added convenience. Professional roof cleaners are often mistaken to rip the customers off their money in exchange for mediocre services. On the contrary, expert roof cleaning is the ideal option for this elaborate task that can transform the appeal of a house in a single afternoon.

    Roof cleaning must be treated as a preventive measure to improve the life expectancy of its materials and avoid additional investment in replacement and repair. It is important to trust established companies with this job prevent any extensive damage to the roofs in the long-run.

    Yes. Specially the fact that you come up with this idea first. It’s hard to forget that.

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