Remove Algae Stains with Softwash Roof Cleaning Method

Algae stains, moss, fungi, lichens all of these stagnate the roof surfaces of our houses. We should clean it out as soon as possible. Algae and others are considered as living organisms, which grows and spread all over roof and start damaging the roof from its core.

Nowadays, we have amazing roof cleaning services available, which excellently work out different methods to wash out our roof surfaces. Our service people are well-equipped, professionally trained, and also have proper knowledge about modulating washing recipes for the best results.

Soft wash roof cleaning is one of the most chosen methods among all roof cleaning companies.

Let us have a quick and in-detail read about what this particular method holds, which is so in demand among these homeowners for cleaning out their house roofs.

  • It is a process of exterior cleaning, which is mostly used while cleaning out the roof surfaces and making it spotless and unblemished altogether.
  • In this method of roof cleaning, the amount of pressure used via machines is hugely less, as per the name suggest Soft Wash roof cleaning and it will prevent from damaging the delicate roof tile surface.

Without much-needed efforts or pressure during the cleaning procedure, all the moss, lichens, fungi or any filthy layers of black, yellow, green algae stains are removed.

Here, in this process, we don’t take any pressure washers or any such machinery in use. Jet washing has it purpuse but it should be decided by professional cleaner which method should be used for roof cleaning.

What the process looks like?

In soft wash roof cleaning, the first and foremost step taken by us is – a visual roof survey to analyse the contaminated part of the whole roofing space to clean up better.

This test also provides hints to keep in mind regarding all health and safety measures to be taken care of during the whole cleaning procedure.

Then we will protect the surounding bushes and trees. Then we start up by, covering all the available spaces around the roof to further protect it from any splashes, or damages also during the cleaning process.

With the free handheld tools, we clear out the moss first manually. Then we go with the whole master process of Soft wash roof cleaning, i.e. treatment of soft washing with supple equipment available in our toolkit.

In this process, we spread that chemically infused water all over the algae infected roof surfaces, and then let that sit for some time. In the meantime, we arrange our further tools to be used in the roof cleaning procedure.

We check the water applied if is doing its work of killing out all wet layers of moss, algae and others. Later we start cleaning it out for the final time and come up with a spotless or stain proof roof space for our client.

This Soft wash roof cleaning is a fantastic method and it’s safe for the roof and it get’s the job done. It saves the one from any further spending on roof cleaning for at least two years.